Speed Racer

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Speed Racer

Speed Race is the name of the new strength machine. The premiere of this device on the market, took place at the company's booth at the fair ATEI 2007 in London. It is a modern version of the gauge encountered previously in fairgrounds and amusement parks.

The electronic version of the device, we have to deal with weight in the form of car simulator. As befits for the twenty-first century, the measurement of the force with which the player pushes the car is run with the help of electronic sensors and presented on multicolored mosaic display. In addition, to enhance the attractiveness of Speed Racer, along the road on which the moving line interactive toy car led lights.

In addition to the force measurement, the display also shows us the highest score and gives you the ability to entry for beating the record. To further customize the machine to the present time the company invented the toy car pushed by a player is injured in the on the end of the tunnel and track device measures how fast toy car hit an obstacle.

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